Modern Atomic Theory

Modern Atomic Theory

Modern Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory Introduction

Rutherford model of the atom:

-The nucleus is the center of the atom,

-It is the heaviest part

-The nucleus consist of the protons and the neutrons

-The electrons revolve round the nucleus in circular or elliptical path

Neils Bohr model of the atom

-Electrons revolve round the nucleus in fixed circular paths known as the orbits

-The electron can travel indefinitely within an energy level without loosing energy

-Every orbit (or Shell) has a definite energy

-The orbits or shells further away from the nucleus has higher energy

-Electrons in a lower orbit can absorb energy and move to a higher orbit, these electrons are known as excited electrons

-Excited state electrons can come to the ground state by emitting the additional energy it possesses (Emission Spectra)

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